Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Gearin' Up For Beach Season

Me and Kobe have been getting ready for beach season so we thought it was the perfect time to stock up on our beach essentials. Here is what we got!

Beach Cabana

Beach Cart

Floaty Vest For Kobe

Solar Powered Radio

Small Cooler

Beach Blanket

 Beach Bag

 Kobe also got some Doggles and Beach shirts

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Kobe The Woods Dog

Kobe has been having so much fun the past few days with grandpa and the other dogs. He LOVES being outside, He especially loves running around the trees with his big brother Dexter. I think he has gained a few pounds because he gets heavier and heavier to pick up!

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

A Day at the Beach

We had a great day today at the Dog Beach! Kobe was pretty entertained watching all the dogs swim

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Pet Expo 2012

What a weekend for Kobe! on Saturday we went to the pet expo, It was my first time ever going to one and I was so excited to go with Kobe. I must say we were stopped every 10 feet by people wanting to pet him, Ask questions or take a picture with him. He was quite the little celebrity!

While there he got his first puppy nail trim, The people hosting it gave him one for free. He was such a good boy and held still the whole time!

He got to meet Shorty Rossi from Pit Boss and he flirted with some yorkie girls but best of all he got to spend it with Grandma's puppy Tilley! He loved playing with Tilley and getting to try all the yummy samples together at the expo

Kobe flirting with some Yorkie ladies

Shorty Rossi

The adoption area!

The excitement wore him out so he took a puppy nap during one of the demonstrations, I love his little snores!

Miss Tilley

Waiting on the Dock Dogs competition to start!

Giving Miss Tilley kisses

Over the pictures!

A high jumping Dock Dog!

Sporting the new pajamas we got at the expo!

It was a long day for the pup

Time for bed

We had such a great time at the expo, We learned a lot, Shopped a lot and let Kobe socialize with people and other animals. Only growing up "having dogs" left me with bare minimum knowledge of their wants and needs, I always wanted one of those dogs that you see people have that they can just take anywhere and people, smells and other dogs don't phase them. That's the kind of dog I want Kobe to be, A confident dog that feels safe with me. I don't want to overload Kobe with things and overwhelm him, But I want him to know from the start that he can be himself and not worry about his environment so much. 

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Welcome Home Kobe V

After a crazy day of delayed flights, Gate changes and scares,

My beautiful boy is here :)

He is just the coolest little guy anyone could ever ask for

Monday, March 19, 2012

Flight Booked

His flight is booked!

Wednesday my new family member is supposed to arrive! Really praying against the weather right now, Due to Delta regulations it can not be over 85F when he lands. Right now it's "predicted" to be exactly 85F which means he can still come. Hoping, Praying that it stays that way or gets cooler!

Can't wait to meet you!!

Saturday, March 17, 2012

First Collar, Beautiful Day in March

I put the new tag on the puppies collar, 
Another piece of evidence that I am so anxious!
I love the look of the Kong collars but not the price, So I waited until it went on sale to purchase it.
The tag I got from ebay (much cheaper than the in store machines and a LOT more options)

It's a beautiful day out
Presley took it upon himself to climb in the back of grandpa's jeep as he was working on the yard.
Despite the recent trips to the vet (to get fixed and shots) he still loves going for rides

I should know within the next 3 days exactly what day the puppy will be arriving, I've made my boss aware that I will probably be taking off one day this coming week to pick him up. She is almost as excited as I am to meet him (Blessed with a great boss). I am also excited about the pet expo coming up next Saturday, It's going to be a load of fun. I have been saving up some money to spend there, Really looking forward to it. Will get pics as well.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Summer Mail

Today we got some stuff for summer in the mail,

Including a Ruff Wear Floaty Vest for our summer trips to the beach and our friend's pool!

Here Presley is modeling it, He looks so cute!  (He was slightly embarrassed having to model for the camera)

The Basset Puppy gets one too, His looks like this one

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Shots for the boys!

Today we took Skeeter & Presley to get their annual shots, They both did pretty well but were real happy to get home. Presley goes in Wednesday morning to get "fixed" and get his other shots. I got to talk to one of the vets about the puppies shots, She talked to me about a puppy plan that gives shots/dewormer at 8 weeks, 12 weeks and 16 weeks so I am going to sign up for that.

Friday, March 9, 2012

Finally Friday!

Well it's finally Friday!

Nothing new to report really.

Made some plans to visit the South Florida Pet Expo in West Palm Beach on the 24th of this month. Pretty excited to go with mom because we've never been. The drive is a few hours but it should be worth it. I think it will be a lot of fun. The puppy should be here by then so I plan to take him with, They have a low cost vet clinic there at the expo so I can get him all his needed shots. This coming week should go by fairly quickly (I hope). If only the week days went as fast as the weekends!

I wanted to share my most favorite Basset Hound picture, This just captures such a real sense of the Basset Hound personality. I love it.

I got some greenies today for the adult dogs, They're quite expensive but I think you get what you pay for. I also get the joint supplement treats by greenies for Presley. He enjoys them a lot.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

We Received A Package

UPS man stopped by and dropped us off a pretty heavy box! 

It Contained.....

Puppy Food!

Okay well not ALL puppy food but dog food none the less! 
I ordered the larger 13oz cans of Merrick Puppy Plate at first but then I decided since wet food is not going to be the puppy's Main meal so I should get smaller cans for "mix in" meals. 
I also got Halo Spot's stew because I plan to mix the Halo Salman Puppy food with the Merrick Puppy plate, I have never mixed dog food before but I have a vet who mixes and says he gets wonderful results. I have taken a lot of heat for it but I am determined to give it a try! The Halo spots stew is a great food but it is way too expensive for me to use as the main dish. Mixing it 60/40 with the Merrick Puppy Plate will help cut down on the cost and still give my puppy good natural ingredients. 

I don't believe I will do the mixing for a long time, I think once the puppy is 8 months or so I may switch to just the Merrick Puppy Plate because the Halo is high in fat content (20% vs the 16% found in Merrick)

My baby boy (of 3 years now) is finally getting *fixed* next week. We waited so long to have it done because he was the runt of the litter and was taken from his mother very early and I wanted to give him optimum time to grow. Now it is time so I made the appointment this morning, I will have my father take him on Wednesday because I have to work and he gets to come home Thursday morning. Wednesday night I will probably be a wreck because he has never spent a night away from home unless I was with him. But it is for the best. 

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Puppy Food

Today was a food day, Got all of your food stacked up and ready for when you arrive.

For over a month I read articles and scanned shelves at the pet stores trying to find the best food for you. I got over 30 different opinions of 30 different brands before I decided I would just have to make the decision on  my own. I decided Merrick Puppy Plate would be my choice for you so I purchased the dry food and the canned food.

Around March 18th is when you are supposed to be ready to come home. The days feel like they are dragging along! But we are less than 2 weeks away so I can't complain too much. Today I had some down time at work and I was thinking about all the stuff I can't wait to do with you,

Your first visit to the toy store (petsmart)

Your first visit to grandma's orange grove

Your first time seeing the ocean

Your first swim

Your first time playing with your sister (Tilly the Yorkie)

Your first time being called spoiled (which we will deny of course!)

I can't wait,

I have a few names floating around for you, Others have come up with some but I'm pretty set on the ones I've got it narrowed down to. You might not have a name until your first couple days at home, But we'll pick you out a perfect one!

Monday, March 5, 2012

A little more shopping

Today I stopped by Petsmart with mom to get some toys for her little Yorkie mix puppy named Tilly. While there we hit up the clearance bin where I found these two little adorable dog toys that were made to look like the baby rings and telephone toys. They were so cute! and half off so I had to get them. Boy your toy bin is getting full! 

I also got some more puppy pads, The ones I got you for home are kind of big since they are extra absorbent so I wanted to get you some smaller ones for your travel bag.