Sunday, March 25, 2012

Pet Expo 2012

What a weekend for Kobe! on Saturday we went to the pet expo, It was my first time ever going to one and I was so excited to go with Kobe. I must say we were stopped every 10 feet by people wanting to pet him, Ask questions or take a picture with him. He was quite the little celebrity!

While there he got his first puppy nail trim, The people hosting it gave him one for free. He was such a good boy and held still the whole time!

He got to meet Shorty Rossi from Pit Boss and he flirted with some yorkie girls but best of all he got to spend it with Grandma's puppy Tilley! He loved playing with Tilley and getting to try all the yummy samples together at the expo

Kobe flirting with some Yorkie ladies

Shorty Rossi

The adoption area!

The excitement wore him out so he took a puppy nap during one of the demonstrations, I love his little snores!

Miss Tilley

Waiting on the Dock Dogs competition to start!

Giving Miss Tilley kisses

Over the pictures!

A high jumping Dock Dog!

Sporting the new pajamas we got at the expo!

It was a long day for the pup

Time for bed

We had such a great time at the expo, We learned a lot, Shopped a lot and let Kobe socialize with people and other animals. Only growing up "having dogs" left me with bare minimum knowledge of their wants and needs, I always wanted one of those dogs that you see people have that they can just take anywhere and people, smells and other dogs don't phase them. That's the kind of dog I want Kobe to be, A confident dog that feels safe with me. I don't want to overload Kobe with things and overwhelm him, But I want him to know from the start that he can be himself and not worry about his environment so much. 

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